Since 1995, I was blessed with my very own baby sister, Amber. It’s a name she’s not fond of the least bit. She argues it’s only fitting for basic white girls and truthfully, I have yet to meet another Chinese girl with the same name. Ha. In just a few days, she’ll be 23 and I’m terribly excited for her. I’ve never been too fond of birthdays, but she makes it known it’s her special day and is adamant that no one fucks it up. We look alike and get mistaken for twins all the time, much to her dismay. Let’s be real, I’m obviously the prettier one.


I haven’t been the best older brother growing up. We argued a lot and had our fair share of sibling rivalry causing havoc in the family. Fret not, we’re peachy now. My sis has seen it all. From me being a gangbanger, to dropping out of college and spending the better part of a year not doing shit with my life, to being arrested. What’s different now is I’m honest with her and am willing to tell her everything and anything, even if she doesn’t agree completely.

She has a similar personality to mines. She’s incredibly bossy, won’t take anyone’s shit, and is willing to speak out when everyone is silent. I worry less knowing she’s like this. I can assume nobody will take advantage of her and she can stand up for herself. If anyone does, well that’s a different story. I have a baseball bat and I don’t play baseball. Hint.

Growing up, she asked me about the glass ceiling women in the workforce face and wondered if it was true. I told her to only agree for the purposes of the class and get a passing grade, but that it’s complete nonsense. Don’t believe it to be true. Why would I say such a thing even though there’s evidence to the contrary?

If she believed it, she’ll go her entire life thinking no matter how hard she studied or worked, the odds would be stacked against her. It’s an invisible barrier to her success and a permanent mental block. I believe anyone who works their absolute hardest will be successful, no matter how many failures or setbacks they face. To tell her anything less is complete bullshit and only hinders her ability to move up in life.

She’ll probably be married before I do and that’s just great to know. I’ll be there ready to make the most embarrassing stories known, with a couple of tears rolling down my face. She’s my baby sister and I love her.


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