Thanks, if you’re reading this

You can say I’m having a bad couple of weeks, but relative to my entire year, it’s still going great. My car is getting fixed and the lady that hit me is cooperating — at least for now. While I was browsing through a few Instagram stories, one of my friends said she’s giving up smoking and was seen taking a hit from a vape. I left a simple, “I vape too.” What followed next made my day and week.

She told me she found my post about quitting cigarettes inspirational and thought of me as she made her no smoking commitment official. She even bookmarked the link to her homescreen. My eyes lit up and I had such a big smile reading that message. I had a very long day too. I woke up around 7 to meet with a claims adjuster at 8. Sat and did some required paperwork with my insurance. Then I had to drive in heavy rain to the repair shop where my car was inspected and dropped off. I took an Uber to work and spent the rest of the day scrambling to finish multiple projects. I really need this after having another hectic day.

I normally write just to pass the time and put my neverending thoughts on to paper — or in this case, an online journal of sorts. I don’t really consider it helpful advice or anything more than rants with the occasional life update. I use this as means to deal with all the ills of living and to self-reflect. My recollection of events is already very vivid, but putting words down helps me see things differently and with a new perspective. If you don’t know where you came from, how could you see yourself in the future? My life has no autopilot and the only direction I move is forward. I usually think talking about yourself is rude, but if you must ask, I think my best quality is my honesty I have towards everyone.

I’m sincerely touched someone out there thought my past experiences helped them in some way. I’ve always thought that if you’re able to make a difference in at least one person through out your life, you’ve done your service to humanity. Thanks for the kind words if you’re reading this.

Bad habits are easy to develop. Good ones are hard to maintain. If you find the means to quit, you have all of my support and to a more healthy and mindful lifestyle. There’s always a better you. You just have to find it.

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