Gripes with Humanity

With every passing year, it has been apparent modern civilization has been heading towards a slow decline. Every time I go out, you see families eating together, but they’re glued to their phones. The biggest offenders are parents who buy their children smartphones and tablets. With everyone’s busy schedules, people ought to turn-off and put their glowing rectangles down. Is the fear of missing out that strong in them? What is honestly so important on the likes of Facebook and Instagram that warrants ignoring real physical people in front of you? It seems in the present world, we lack the desire for real-world face-to-face communication — almost as if it was a chore more than a regular bonding activity. It’s the pitfalls of living.

We are connected now more than ever and yet, the online links put our physical intimate connections on the back seat. Who gives a shit if your friend from high school whom you haven’t seen since graduation posts a picture of his vacation. Why give a shit if the guy you use to party with posts a video of his night at the club. Digital electronic communication bothers me, but people don’t understand the dangers. We want affirmation, confirmation, acceptance and will forgo talking to get our fix of dopamine.

I’ve experienced this a great deal with my friends and some women I’ve dated. It’s pretty rare me and the guys are all together, with everyone off in different cities and states. No one really puts down their phone and we find ourselves talking about some dumb ass shit meme more than catching up. That’s not to say we don’t bond, but it’s different now since smartphones and social media has taken over. No one makes the time needed to listen and we should. Some women I’ve dated have an addiction to their phone. I find it refreshing when I meet someone willing to put their phone away and zipped up in a purse. At least I know they’ve given me their full undivided attention. A few spend more than 10 minutes taking a large number of pictures to post on to Instagram. Why? So their girl friends can see what they’re eating. One girl I remember ate next to nothing I ordered, but her Instagram feed told a different story. We didn’t last.

When someone tells me we’ll meet up and catch up, I almost never believe it will happen. The few people I know that do follow through brings me a big smile and I’m thankful they take action — not just talk. I’m jaded, but anyone would be if you hear the same thing every week or month. It’s not to say I don’t care about them, but we honestly don’t see or hear from each other all that often.

I suppose this the reality of living. Our lives have moved from the real-world to the digital. I don’t agree with this and never will. Later world.








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