Unaction Inaction

My best friend in all his words of wisdom recommend I just drop going after the lady that hit me a few days prior. Fun fact: she’s uninsured and I’m not at fault. While it maybe a hassle to someone to go through litigation, I’m not that type of person. You ought to seek justice if you have the time and means to. I kindly asked the lady to pay me the $1000 for my deductible before persuing legal matters, but I have yet to hear back. My friend says not a lot of people have $1000 just laying around. Maybe he’s right in that regard and I’m just very fortunate.

There are two routes I can take:

  • Give her until end of tomorrow to respond
  • Hopefully, she agrees to pay me $1000 for the deductible
  • Close out my claim
  • Not report her to the DMV for being uninsured
  • Not report the accident to the DMV

She’s already seen my text as of a few hours ago and the probability of her going this route seems unlikely. Fine by me.

Route two involves:

  • Paying for my deductible out of my own expense
  • Arrange for my car to be fixed which entails ordering a new door costing a cool grand, if not more
  • Have my insurance go after her to get reimbursed for the cost
  • Take her to small claims court to recover my $1000
  • File reports with the DMV and have her license suspended

My friend says this is a lot of work, but it’s a bit satisfying to know I can make this way worse for the offending party. Does that make me a “dick”? No. I like fighting for what’s right and not be pushed around.

I think this is where he and I disagree all the time. He rather not go through the trouble or hassle — the easy route if you will. If the argument is “it’s just cosmetic and it runs fine,” it’s a very weak one at best. People need to get what’s coming and I’m a firm believer in that.

I suppose this is where I’m different than the rest of my friends. I don’t see any of this as troubling or hassling. I’d frankly be more bothered someone got away with a crime and got off easy. The scratch and dent to my car door bothers me to no end. In the end, it’s still an old car I paid $5000 for and your life shouldn’t revolve around material possessions. Frankly, I fight for what’s right and just — if you see it any other way, then life is going to come at you and hard.

In all honesty, I can’t stand the people of my hometown. I told my other friend he’s lucky he got out and is trying to make it in DC. There are some weeks I wonder how much longer I have to live here before I can pack my things and say farewell to this city. The people are rude beyond comprehension and often rub me the wrong way.

No one seems to like to pick up after themselves since they feel so entitled driving around in their Maserati. They lack common decency and I really think is unique to my hometown and parts of San Gabriel. For these reasons, I try not to spend too much of my day here. I’ve lived here my entire life since I was 3 and haven’t felt like I’ve ever belonged. You can make the case all the people look and talk like me, but is that really all you can say?

I don’t consider myself Chinese. I don’t use chopsticks all that well, my Chinese speaking ability is elementary at best, and for as long as I’ve been I’m school, none of my friends have been Asian. I guess I’m just a little different from everyone else. I’m amazed. I’ve grown up in a city predominantly Chinese and haven’t connected with my own people or culture since forever. I’m probably a good case study in the eyes of some would-be sociology professor. Please, just ask away.

The sooner I leave, the sooner I’ll be somebody.

On the brightside, my work days have gotten less and less hectic. I have time to relax and unwind. My best friend will be in town in a few short weeks and I can’t wait to catch up. My sis’ birthday is in less than. 2 weeks and I’m looking forward to seeing her with her usual obnoxious birthday balloons. There’s always something to look forward to and I’m thankful my outlook never changes.

Later world. Why the fuck is my life so drama-filled?

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