Not Giving a Fuck

The weeks just prior to my graduation were spent walking around the beach everyday and drinking copius amounts of alcohol. It was great. Maybe not so much for my health, but what’s a guy to do after spending 6 years finishing college finally? I was asked multiple times from my friends and neighbors who were a couple years younger than me, what did I have planned after college. Truthfully, not the slightest fucking clue.

My usual response was, “get any job and maybe be a waiter”. No bullshit. They always had this confused expression on their face and they should be. I was only slightly joking. I really didn’t know or gave a fuck what happened after. I worked up so much time and energy to finishing college to make my grandma happy that I gave it very little thought.

Plans do change however, and I’m glad I have yet to do any food service job. I’m not good dealing with people, much less know what the fuck is good to eat on the menu. People wouldn’t trust a skinny guy’s opinion either. This embodies my attitude at the time and I can’t believe I ever thought like this.

Not too many know this, but just days after moving back to the 626, the same ratchet ass chick that crashed my party messaged me on Facebook. She worked for Yelp — the same company everyone goes to for reviews online — and they were hiring. Referrals from Yelp employees had priority so I said to myself, “Fuck it. Let’s see where this goes.”

Best I can remember, their application process was nothing out of the ordinary. The section that asked to describe yourself wanted unorthodox responses so I came up with a video. Instead of writing about myself, I recorded a breif video talking casually and posted it to YouTube. Wouldn’t you know it, that shit fucking worked.

I went to three rounds of interviews with multiple people before I got rejected at the last round. Everything was done via Skype video calls and they had a seriously extensive background check in place. I was bummed I didn’t make it, but knew this wouldn’t work out. Their starting pay was just $15 an hour and I had to relocate to San Francisco of all places. Fuck that city for being so expensive. I mean, it would have been cool to say I worked for Yelp, but knowing I’d barely be scraping by made me relieved this didn’t materialize.

Honestly, I’m glad. Had this random opportunity not come up, I might still have the same unmotivated attitude. I kept trying after this and didn’t let up regardless of how very few callbacks I got. This wasn’t a walk in the park by any stretch, but my attitude shifted. I gave a fuck and didn’t become a waiter taking orders.

I do wonder what my life would be like if I had gotten the job at Yelp from time to time. I don’t think I would of had the mental preparation to start fresh in a new city (again) away from all my friends. Not with all the problems I had with drugs and alcohol especially. If there’s anything I learned from this time period is to keep trying. Not all bad news should be taken at face value. You just need a new perspective on things to keep moving forward. If you see yourself as anything less then you’ll be that person.

Now, I’m alright. I still have a lot to prove, but I know I’ll make it eventually. I’ve gotten this far in life. What’s a few more bumps in the road?

Later world.

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