Hopes and Dreams

“What are your hopes and dreams for the future?”

I’ve asked this question to a few friends this year and most have not the slightest clue how to answer. Does that say they have none or give very little thought for the future? I can’t say for certain, yet, I continuously ponder this at least once a day. If the future was the next few years, my hopes and dreams are:

  • Own a Home: I can see the cost of rent getting progressively higher every year. Inflation is roughly 3 percent a year so that $100 you have saved is only worth $97 the year after. I don’t have a “savings” account for this very reason. Things get more expensive and I rather pay into a mortgage every month for a property I’ll own then face higher rent costs. This isn’t exactly out of reach as long as you minimize spending and see yourself making more year after year. Owning a condo is the dream and while there’s a lot to brag about once it’s mine, it’s more so I know I can do it and reaching personal fulfillment.
  • Settling Down: In a few years, I’ll be 30. While it’s not that old, I don’t see myself going to the club or bar to hit on women for the long-term. Forget about drinking and all that other shit everyone does. Don’t get me wrong, that may be fun for some, but I’ve had enough of that life already. I rather find the one — if that even exists — and settle down. There’s  a great deal I have to be certain about before tying the knot. Is she genuine, loving, honest, sincere, driven, a personality to match etc. A few of my friends have already been married for a couple years now, but I’m certain I shouldn’t model my life after theirs. Truthfully, I believe a man must prove to himself to be worthy of supporting the Misses for the rest of her. You need to be financially stable, have a name to yourself, know exactly what the future holds, and persevere in the face of hardship. A man must put her before himself and I don’t see that with a lot of newlyweds.
  • Children: I personally love kids. They’re very fun and bring a lot of joy. Knowing you’re shaping their view of the world brings personal fulfillment and plenty of responsibility to protect them. If I could pick, I’d have a daughter. Just one child is enough and I wouldn’t have one unless I knew I can provide them everything they need. People tend to have children without being financially stable and I would never bring someone into this world knowing they didn’t have the means to be whatever they wanted.
  • Self-Improvement: While self-improvement sounds a bit broad, I tend to think every has something they can improve about themselves. Maybe it’s better eating habits, needing exercise, or changing your attitude and habits, fix what needs to be fixed. I think I need to work on being a bit more sensitive to what friends tell me and having more empathy. I really have a hard time with this for some reason and I’m guilty of being jarring with my responses. Not everyone has the means to find a solution, but my train of thought is usually very dismissive. It’s not that that I don’t care, I have a hard time understanding why they lack action — if that even makes sense. I’m more inclined to believe most people like to vent out their frustrations — not so much fix their problems. This is where I disagree. Why do people tell me about their problems if they don’t (want to) fix them?
  • Career Prospects: Currently, I’ve been doing marketing and e-commerce the past few years. It’s a very low impact sort of job and is more or less gloried data entry and analytics. Will I keep doing this for the long-term? I know there’s a limit to how much I can make and I don’t think it’ll make me $100K a year any time soon — which is the goal. I can change careers, but starting salaries for most jobs you don’t have real-world experience is pretty low. That’s not to say I feel trapped in anyway with my current job. It’s going great for now, but eventually, I’ll want more than what it can provide.
  • Making Memories and Experiences: I sincerely hope there will be new experiences and worthwhile memories in the future. I’d like to see the world and get out of this bubble in the 626. Traveling isn’t an issue if you have money; it’s having someone to travel with. My guy friends don’t have the motivation to fly somewhere or the means to do so. I guess this is where having a partner would be beneficial. You’d have someone you’re fond of who would be available to go off to some remote destination together.

The future is terrifying to think of, but it doesn’t stop me from having hopes and dreams. I actually like the unknown. It just means anything can happen and knowing that motivates me to have everything I’ve ever wanted.

Later world.

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