Rules to Live By

  • Always tell truth. The truth is always better than a lie — even if it hurts the other person. Honest and sincerity is paramount.
  • Love all your friends and family, but expect them to fail you eventually. They are only human and humans make mistakes. It’s not a matter how, but when.
  • Anyone who has the capacity to think can do anything as long as they have: will, motivation, and determination.
  • Success does not come easy. If you give 100% and still fail, do not be discouraged. Try again.
  • The fact that we all will die eventually should be a driving motivator and force in our lives to do everything now and not later.
  • Money is difficult to obtain, but easy to spend. Live below your means and be weary of the lifestyle creep. Have a safety net for the future.
  • Most people seek out information to support their beliefs and reject information that opposes them. Look at both sides of the argument and draw your own conclusions.
  • If you have nothing good to say about someone, say nothing. Negative comments make you no better than the person you’re addressing.
  • You will have bad days. It’s not a matter how, but when. How you handle them makes all the difference.
  • While money gives you security, never think it is the end all of everything. There is more to life than money. Build meaningful relationships, memories, and find happiness in others.
  • Assume everything you read or see on social media is complete bullshit.
  • Be thankful for what you do have and never feel bad for having less than others.
  • The first step to any problem is admitting you have a problem.
  • Religion does more harm than good. Live your life the way you see fit and don’t blindly follow any doctrine in hopes of a better afterlife.
  • There is likely no heaven or hell. The only thing you can be certain is that you exist now with limited time on Earth.
  • Find love and compassionship, but work on yourself. A partner will not fix all your problems.
  • Listen intently to those you care about and try not to forget a word. Digital distractions are everywhere in the modern world and only hinders relationships.
  • Self-reflection is important. Knowing where you are now and how you reached this point is less important than the ending. Stay grounded and remember the journey.
  • Don’t hold back. You will regret every moment or action you wish you did, much less than what you did do.
  • Forgive others and don’t hold grudges. Humans make mistakes and resentment is a gateway to anger and hostility.
  • There will be two constants to every day: the sun will always rise in the morning and set in the evening. Find tranquility in the natural beauty around you.
  • Stay loyal to your partner or significant other. Never cheat or walk the road to infidelity. Forgoing someone’s trust is inexcusable.
  • Stop to smell the roses. You will be too caught up in life some times and lose sense of what is important.
  • Don’t just “sleep on it” or try to forget what bothers you. By having the capacity to think, addressing intrusive thoughts will lead to long-term solace and feeling content.
  • Happiness is illusive. Do what makes you happy so long as you’re not hurting yourself or others.
  • Dark days are on the horizon. Don’t feel hopeless even in the hardest of times. Things will and do get better.
  • We are all creatures of this Earth and you should never feel you’re better than the next person over.
  • Show and give everyone respect.
  • You will fuck up. Own up to your mistakes and apologize with sincerity.
  • Anyone who doesn’t give you their time is undeserving of yours.
  • Have plan B or C. The likelihood of succeeding the first time is never 100%.
  • There are too many events out of your control. Move forward and worry about yourself. Your own happiness should take priority.

Later world.

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