Untitled 11/23/2018

I peer up above the night sky,

For yonder window break,

Many to think and all to wish,

Torment for the soul yet all shall know,

Passing ghosts of yesterday,

Lurking in the shadows for better days,

Wishing up above on the lonely star,

Shining bright but all too far,

A moon that glows for just a night,

Seeing light to fill a sky,

Find her wings as flies above,

Searching searching like a dove,

Reaching down like heavens gate,

A hand for mines but not yet fate,

Hear me call for once that was,

A man fears love for times that twas,

Searchlight for one,

Radio — silence,

Across an ocean and seven seas,

Castaway on land alone again,

Mercy for the soul and fate that’s gone,

Thinking for another that’s begun,

Gone gone… baby

Haunted by a ghost of memories past,

The sounds of a voice that yet to pass,

Feel the hand that held mine,

Days to remember of a forgotten time,

Lost lost — rescue one

Tell me of the days that time has lost,

A man and a girl fallen in love,

Feelings then and feelings now,

Yearning for months and years,

Was it all a dream of man’s mind?

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