To All My Friends


It’s been a rough couple of months this year. I can easily blame my crazy 80 hour work weeks back in October for falling into the deep end, but it’s my life — my actions are my own. Being overworked takes a mental toll, but my position calls for it — no one else is qualified to do it. I know my efforts now will pay off in the end. Even though I try to remain mindful of all my actions, from time to time, I am guilty of putting myself in danger. I know this happens, but am at odds with myself.

I am truly thankful everyone I see, talk to, or love is there to listen in my hour of need. I, for that reason, know I can turn to them when I feel I’m going down the wrong path and without fear of judgement. They are there to voice their opinion and I always listen intently hoping to never forget a word. The perils of living is bearable knowing there are friends who are there to support me. My closest group of friends I’ve know for almost 12 years and wouldn’t trade a day with them for anything. We’ve had our own battles and demons to fight, but we’ve stuck together even as some have moved on to start new lives.

Garza is in DC, Anthony is in Orange County and Julian and I are still in Alhambra. We’ve gotten old and more apart physically, yet we make time to catch up. We share stories, several memes, the occasional phone call, and keep in touch. Their happiness is important to me and I wouldn’t hesitate to stop everything I’m doing if they needed me. I know they’re always looking out and for that reason — I trust their judgement whole heartedly — perhaps even more than my own.

I forget just how good I have it sometimes. My brothers are my family and I’m lucky to be part of theirs. Knowing I have this with me puts me at ease. Life is full of unknowns, but one thing is certain — they’re not going anywhere and neither am I. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I am forever thankful you all exist and we are friends til the very end.

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