Calling Me

Partially inspired by my favorite book — Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte and the 1939 movie adaptation starring Laurence Olivier and Merle Oberon.


You came on winter’s day — the coldest of nights,

You fell into my arms and I ran into yours,

Calling, calling, calling,

Til morning end,

I walked into the night — hands by my side,

An echo into the forest and rustling but fright,

Lost in the mountains and wandering the trail,

Time stood still til the call of night,

Jump into the waters and the currents seas,

Fall into the deep — tethered to me,

Reach out for land but hold back for saving,

We’re wandering together till the birds come calling,

Heavens gate for those I missed and all I wish,

You came and you’ve gone and I haven’t slept,

Haunted by the ghost of a person never was,

You were loved, you were missed — every man’s torment,

Don’t call it an end to love once was,

Passion for the fire and the moon above,

I loved a ghost and torrents cove,

Alone again — but never was,

Shadows part in the darkest days,

A winter thunderstorm brews of howling winds,

Call her Cathy to my Heathcliff,

Shall we run across the grange?

No yes my lord, no yes my queen,

Taken by temptation and the life afar,

Consumed by lavish gifts and the upper class,

She loved just one — yet not tales end

Come with me and you’ll see,

How wrong you were, how wrong you be,

Falling into the arms of another man,

Victim to temptation and the life no need






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