Many Wishes


Of the times we’ve met

I wish I saw you more

Not once, not twice,


Your aura is present

and I’m locked in your spell

My thoughts dwell on past-present,

You and I, me and you,

yet you’re all that remains,


Save me from myself

and hold on tight

The seas are rising

and I’m already on the tide

Lets ride the wave


I’m entranced by your beauty

Those golden locks

That infectious smile

and your softest voice


I missed you then

I missed you now

I’m alone — again

and I hope not another night


Darling where are thou?

You came and you’ve gone

but I’m not ready to let you go,


Come with me in my dreams

Together finally

and not a day to end

Tell me you love me and I’ll do the same


Like a pianist concert

Playing for you til the end

You’re music to my ears

Joy for my soul

We’ll share laughs

A tear or two

And many hugs — I’m sure

Let me hold you first

Let me in and hold no walls

I’m ready for us, and now

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