Me Against the Universe

It’s only fitting on the day of my birthday one of my tires gets a flat. No good deed goes unpunished and I’m feeling the universes’ wrath.

Not to worry. Like with most things, it’s an easy fix. Total damage is just the cost of a new tire or a whole set — whichever they recommend.

I’m still amazed — out of all the days, it had to be my birthday. But I’d expect no less. Some days I which I can catch a break — a desperately short one at best.

Come at me world. You haven’t stopped me yet.


Feel the wrath of existence

The pain of living now

Run through the maze

and wander til you’re lost

Look for the exit

and see the light

One rock two rock three

For it just a hill

and I’m claiming the mountain top

Up above with the horizon beam

Shadows from afar

for a long as the eye can see

Fear not the unknown

Fear not yourself

Look into the future

for the light is always near


Later world.

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