Of Sea and Then

Dearly beloved,

You came and gone like the winter breeze

And the summer sun,

Twas a time of you and I,

Yet your touch has long since gone,

Amber waves and purple haze

of our moments yesterday,

Take me for a journey

Like an adventure never end,

Tell me I’m all you need

Like it in my dreams,

Save me from the shadows

And reach down with a hand,

I can only go so far — yet the tide is near,

Hold me by yourside & the waters creep,

Until we both are afloat

forever til the end of time,

I come for the destination

Yet you came wandering and of lost

We found each by the coast

Yet the island was dream

Tidal waves and sea side cove

Lost at sea and castaways

Love me then and tell no end

For twas just a life of you and I

Forever never more

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