さようなら October

Sayōnara (Good-bye) October

October has been my most stress inducing month all year. Everyone at least once at some point asked if I was okay or commented, “hey, you don’t look so good.’ All of which is true. I was tired, burnt out from work, and felt exhausted all month. That’s what happens when you’re a one person army tasked to do several projects in a very limited amount of time. It happens. I’m just glad the month is over. Can someone please hire me an assistant?

I learned a valuable lesson. There’s that saying, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. It’s completely true — much to my surprise. I got depressed and quite severely — needing to seek the help of a medical professional. Their solution was anti-depressants without much a second thought or alternative. I had one therapy session with a lady and I think it was more eye-opening than actually therapeutic. Her most memorable line had to be, “Happiness is not made from money. Relationships are.” I suppose she is right in every sense of the word. My desire to obtain more and more will lead to my downfall if I neglect the very people what make life worth living. I need to work on this. Say it ain’t so. Miss Doctor Psychiatrist Lady was right.

I had an incredibly blunt talk with my friends and we managed to get to the bottom of my inner turmoil. I frankly feel like I’m 95% of the way I usually am. The other 5% is lingering tiredness that has not yet left my body. Julian, Garza, Anthony, Mayra, Amber, Jenny… these friends and family helped me immensely. I was persuaded to not take medication and find alternative means to deal with my depression. I’m so glad I didn’t. Fun fact: if all you do is work and the reward is more money, guess what — you get depressed. Go figure.

Cheers to the month of November. I have high hopes it’s not another repeat of this month. Work should be a bit more manageable. Call that my undying optimism for the world. I’ll be officially 27 in six days. Getting old terrifies me, but I’m still under thirty, so I’m probably being irrational. To grow old is get more wise. If anything, I know the world is my oyster and anything life throws at me will just be another blip on the radar. I’ve made it this far, after all. What’s another few small bumps on the road, anyway? There’s foodsgiving to look forward to, as is a very eager and happy Grandma. Before you know it, December is here and hours of annoying, maniac inducing holiday songs.

A very nice woman once told me, “Que sera sera.” Translation: whatever will be, will be. I like, “Ga yau”. Translation: add oil (to a fire) — keep going. Indeed, I will.

I was once Spongebob, but now I’ve turned into Squidward. Good vibes only, please. Later world.

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