Feeling Fortunate

Some days are much harder than others. The universe has a way of biting you and not letting go. I feel I’m quite fortunate to have a group of friends I can be completely honest with, people I can confide in, and look to them for guidance. I’ll be forever thankful they exist and wouldn’t hesitate to bankrupt myself if it meant they get back on their feet.

Recently, I was asked something quite stupid and rediculous, “How do you know for certain their intentions?” I looked at this person with my hand resting on my chin and index finger held up on the side of my face. I had just one thought in my head:

“The fuck do you know about them?”

Is it really impossible to think you can be so close to people? Is it really crazy to think they’re just as much as you’re family as your blood relatives? Holding back an angry response, I only responded with a smile and short “hmph”.

Shame. I’d do anything for my closest friends without a second thought or hesitation. I’d take a bullet for every last one of them. I often joke my slim body won’t stop it, but at least it won’t be lethal. What is living without having others to be there for you and confide in?

I’d trade every penny to my name before I let that be lost to me. Later world. Danny, out.

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