Winter Nights of Somber Eve

Dearly departed of a time once gone,

The night is dark of a cold winter breeze,

Days of yesterday and tomorrow then,

Yet present feels like endless creed,

Your thoughts betray you,

Past, present, and future,

Ticks nor tocks have time awarded,

The night was young,

But the days are gone,

Dream state infinity

Past days of serenity

Looping love like afterglow

Land of the rising sun and sea side scapes,

Darling. Where are thou?

Dearly beloved of the night sky haze,

Is the moon not above?

What is I but not of you?

Tis the end of you and I,

Merry merry merrily of closing chapter end

Your words stunned

Your words echo

Chambers fill with voices then and now,

Of that that time of you and I,

We walked.

I ran.

And in the end,

I let you go and forever as my friend

Call it love

Call it lust

It was all a dream — the girl of corn flower hair

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