Calm After the Storm

The night was without a noise or a rustle in the bush,

Look around and find tranquility of the evening

Yet darkness looms across the horizon

A torment for the ages and tragedy of the fragile mind

Eer for not the cold but a weeping soul

For there is no escape from your inner self

To err is the be human

Unrequited love of days gone past

Such the world we live in of modern vices and the wicked

Your thoughts betray you

The sky becomes gray, water of a lesser blue, and days of gloom

Perchance for not living

Yet the anguish in the missed is unspeakable grief

There’s calm after the storm

Set sail in the bay and graze up towards the half moon

The wonder of the celestial and dusty cosmic of yonder

Perhaps there is more to living and the undiscovered

Until then dearly departed, I’lll miss you then and forever always







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