Envy & Jealousy

envy: a feeling of discontented or resentful longing aroused by someone else’s possessions, qualities, or luck.

It’s good to be envious of others. Without it, you may never know what you’re missing out in life. Perhaps it’s someones car, relationship with a woman, or family bond. You want what you don’t have when making these comparisons and should use it as driving motivator in obtaining the life you want. Motivation is hard to self-rationalize and acquire if all you have are your own thoughts. If it makes you discontent, then by all means do something about it. Self-loathing and unrest won’t make envy go away.

I personally love envy. Without it, I would have never knew how good others have it and use it motivation to somehow acquire it for myself. In the past, it was as simple wanting the same material possessions. More recently, I use it for fuel in my pursuit of self-improvement and betterment. Material possessions won’t make you any happier and that’s something I unfortunately had to learn the hard way. Ownership of said things doesn’t make you better or superior than the next person over — far from it.

Some of my friends and co-workers say I have expensive taste. Maybe this is true in their eyes, but having nice clothes, an expensive watch, a new MacBook, and the latest iPhone isn’t making me any more content or happy. You can say I’m quite fortunate to be able to afford these items and then some, but I make sure to stay grounded. Be envious of me, but don’t think I think otherwise of you have having lesser. Find motivation and with that in your grasp, you can do literally anything life throws at you.

jealousy: feeling resentment against someone because of that person’s rivalry, success, or advantages (often followed by of)

While at first glance, it may seem jealousy is the same as envy, this is untrue. You can see envy as a two person affair — you and the person’s possessions, qualities, or luck you’re envious of. Jealousy on the other hand is a three person matter. While envy is the discontent you feel in making social comparisons, jealousy is the threat of losing someone. It’s a triangle and some outside party is causing you to believe your relationship with your significant other is at jeopardy.

It’s a terrible feeling. Maybe it’s a coworker your significant other is close with and hear about — it causes your thoughts to run wild. My last girl friend attempted this so I would feel jealousy, but failed much to her dismay. I’m not jealous the least bit ever. How can this be possible? I know I can be and do anything and anyone who’s a threat is only my mind being irrational. That’s not to say the threat isn’t real. Sometimes, you have to fight for love. Bring it world.

Envy and jealous is fuel for the fire. And until mines goes out, I won’t stop trying any time soon…

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