This Isn’t It

I’ve spent a good part of my life chasing money. And right now, it all doesn’t seem to matter anymore.

The homeless in Old Town only have two things to occupy their mind: when will I eat and where will I sleep. I handed one gentleman $40 and yet I feel I’m no better off than they are.

I should be thankful. I can buy anything to my hearts content and then some. Blessed even.

You grow up not having anything and wanting everything. Being jealous and envy those who always had it all. Suddenly this isn’t it.

I feel like I need to sell everything I have and liquidate all my holdings. Have it all stashed in the bank and move away from this town I’ve known my entire life. It bores me immensely. Isn’t that what everyone wants at one time or another? To leave it all behind you and give it another go. Maybe move to Portland or Seattle — somewhere far far away.

I need a drink.

Later world.

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