An Extra $30,000

For the past year and a half, I’ve been trying to get a job with LA County doing IT. How does one get a job such as that? I have two words: a hookup. My Uncle works for the city as a CTO and he’s been trying hard to get me in doing anything. I feel absolutely blessed and thankful he’s willing to do this for me. It truly warms my heart knowing he’s looking out.

That’s not to say this is an easy task. I just spent the better part of 3 hours trying to stop this program from crashing and it’s absolutely infuriating. Download the latest version, download an older version, install, reinstall, fix the registry… nothing fucking works. The starting salary is an extra $30,000 over what I make at my current job with all the benefits one expects as a worker for the city. It’s pretty sweet, or at least on paper.

He tells me if we make it happen, I’ll have to drop everything I’m doing and switch careers. I’ll need to be trained one-on-one a la shadowed by him or his team and expect no preferential treatment. I even told him I would not feel right being treated any other way. The thought of giving up what I know and do best now for more money makes me a bit uneasy. Sacrifices need to be made and I suppose this is no different.

It’s naive to think you’ll make ends meet or make shit happen by getting the job you’ve always wanted. For the longest time this was squarely marketing and e-commerce. It’s strictly behind the scenes and in front of a computer screen devoid of any nagging people. The county job might as well be glorified customer service and tech support. The thought of having to drive in traffic to downtown LA and deal with the tech-illiterate for 8 hours a day makes me cringe.

Is it worth the headaches and teeth grinding? You tell me.

Later world. It’s going to be another long night…

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