We Jumped But I Downed

On one faithful Saturday evening, after one too many, our thrill seeking dangerously got the best of us. “Come with me and let’s jump,” you said. My instinct said no, but my mind said, “fuck it.” Without even a chance to respond, you made it a dare. “What are you scared?” you asked. It was just the two of us, high above the water. You wore a flower print dress. Somehow foreshadowing the events that would take place soon.

1… 2… 3… Go.

Into the water we fell. As we hit the surface, we were submerged six feet under. The color blue surrounded us as did the bitter cold feeling and gust of wind. You would emerge, but I did not. I sank lower and lower until the surface was gone. Death came knocking and had me tethered to the bottom closer to hell.

Sometimes you get lucky. Later world.

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