A Balancing Act

For the first time for what I can recall, my work life has interfered with my social life with my best friends. While they wanted me to go with them to Sacramento for a mini road trip of sorts, work at the office as a director-director has me firmly grounded. I’m a little shocked at this turn of events. Disappointed even. I guess the pursuit of my own dreams and goals takes precedence over them.

The squad — minus me. Hmmm. Go figure. Julian said I shared the wealth by sending Garza all that money without so much as a hesitation or second thought. Maybe he’s right. I am selfless, but that feeling of letting them down won’t go away.

I’ve surprised myself a lot this year. Every hurdle, every obstacle, I’ve made it through. I felt like I’ve gotten even closer with my friends and our bond is unbreakable. I’ve been completely blunt and honest with them as they have with me even as we had a few back and forths. My goals have gotten exponentially more ambitious and so have my planning abilities. You can say I went all in. I’m real in that sense.

I stand in the darkness of night.

Looking at the moon.

Chasing dreams in la la land.

To someday make it the city of roses.

It’s just one town over.

All so I can feel like I’m somebody.

Sincerity is truly paramount.

Later world. I’m fucking exhausted and pray this works out in the end. Putting in over 10 hour work days all week might of gotten me sick.

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