Sunsets on the Promenade

You came into my world under the most unusual circumstances, yet I was never searching for someone. You pushed me to do more and yet all the gifts and laughs we shared never could change your mind. We walked along the beach discussing the future together and how magical life would be just the two us. It was bliss. You picked out a name and I picked out a ring. There were many topics I couldn’t keep secret, yet it only made you love me more. The delight in your eyes never faded no matter the time of day. We went everywhere in town together holding hands and felt like nothing else mattered. Peer on to the boulevard and tip toe into the promenade — walk into the sunset and bask in the feeling of love.

But soon it was crashing. My car wreck foreshadowed our demise. Like with all beginnings, everything soon came to end. You became the very thing I swore to avoid and despise. Your attitude was harsh, your words felt like an assault, and I could not bare to look at you. Let me be — yet you were inescapable. It pains me to know you became a torment in life and a source of anger. You felt my wrath. You felt my misery. You wanted a monster and it walked out from the darkness. Nights became colder — the moonlight was fading and my soul emptied. You left my conscious and one day I knew it was the end. My feelings were gone — only fitting for the coldest winter nights.

One phone call later, I breathed a sight of relief and you felt unspeakable pain. Tears ran down your face and you sobbed uncontrollably. You unleashed your anger upon me. I listened one last time and didn’t bat an eye. I felt sorrow. I felt grief. I was alone in paradise with no one to keep me company. Four seasons, 3 break ups, and almost one ring later — we were no longer together.




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