Plans Change

At the beginning of this year, I had a job making just a paltry $15 an hour surrounded by what I can best describe as — a bunch of fucking morons. Not really the best way to start the new year off. No one finished high school and anyone that was going to college essentially total me they’re half-assing it. Right — you do you boo boo. There was one guy in particular that always weirded me out. He reeked of alcohol, always asked a few eyebrow raising questions and insisted on wanting to know how many bitcoins I had. In my head, I had one constant question, “How the fuck did my education land me here with these losers?” I think the only redeeming factor of this job was lunch was provided and that saved me ten bucks a day. Was it worth working there? Not a fucking chance. Naturally, I got laid off because “I did not vibe with them.” Whatever. I’m not going to dumb myself down to have you like me motherfucker.

Towards March, I grew tired of my work environment and thought of other options. I put all my finances together and realized I could pay off the entirety of my student loan (and then some) and go back to school to get my masters in Computer Information Systems. Cal State Long Beach was the first pick and I even spoke with an advisor there regarding admission and costs. All that was needed was just shy of $30,000 and two letters of recommendation from someone in a related field. I could get a private loan with a interst rate well below 10% with my credit score. Piece of cake if I think about it. I knew just from the required classes, this was not going to be insanely difficult and high level math courses weren’t required. If I did the accelerated program, I could finish in about a year and a half.

Like most everything I do, I ran it by my friends for their opinion. No one said to go and do it. Why? Cost, time, and a general distain for school. I didn’t exactly expect them to push for it. We’re talking about three guys who usually talk about memes, video games, and other bro-talk on the daily. I told myself if I didn’t find a better job in two weeks, I would liquidate my stock portfolio and cryptocurrency holdings to wipe away over $10,000 in debt. The clock was ticking and fuck me was I a bit uneasy at the thought.

Three job interviews later and through forces unknown, I did find a better job — one that paid a salary with full benefits. It’s the one I’m currently at and it’s going great. No complaints really. Monthly bonuses are pretty nice especially if its almost four digits. I dig it. My boss seems like genuinely a nice guy and no one here gives me a weird vibe. One guy here likes to ask me for life advice on the daily since he’s so much younger than anyone. He even told me he feels better about everything since we’ve gotten to talk. I’m pleasantly surprised my outlook on life made a positive impact on him.

Plans change. Not like that makes me feel bad about not following through with getting a masters. Like everything in life, you’ll have to find your way somehow. Life has its ups and downs and I felt like 2018 was going to be awful. I couldn’t have been further from the truth. It might just be my best year yet. In all honesty, I still want to go and get my masters. Why? I like a good challenge. It would be nice to tell someone I have 3 associates, 2 bachelors and a masters. Like that wouldn’t impress someone.

Later world.

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