Everyone Likes Surprises

I’m terribly mean to my co-worker, Izzy. She’s probably the only person I know that can put up with my bullshit and backhanded comments. My excuse is, “I’m only mean to people I like”. She usually responds with a quick “Fuck you”.

Assholes get places, but thats a terrible excuse. I know. She’s been going on and on the past few weeks saying how today as going to be her birthday and she turns 28.

So what does arguably the meanest most savage guy at the office do? Buy her a birthday gift of course. One trip to Old Town and Sephora later, I walked out with a black and white striped gift bag.

Today, she walks in to the office, sees my gift and let’s out the biggest “awwww, did you really” I’ve heard all year. Priceless. And for what, a measly $25 dollars spent.

She was surprised a guy would even step foot into a Sephora alone. Apparently that’s not a thing?

Later world.

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