Keep Running


I was on top of the world when you suddenly showed up at my friend’s place one evening. You had all your belongings in your car and your pet chihuahua on your lap. I miss that little bitch. I quickly introduced myself and we made small talk. You came from Illinois of all places without a solid plan or money saved. I’ll never understand that about people who are looking to start anew. Seems things in your life were unbearable and you wanted an escape even if you didn’t have the means to. You didn’t tell me at first until we got close, but I could see if from a mile away.

We saw each other everyday and partied constantly. I wasn’t trying to like you, but you were something else. Tall, pale, and a charming personality that made socializing easy. We danced a few times every alcohol fueled rager or drug induced binges. I’ll never forget your reactions to my sheer directness towards you. You could not handle it without doing something childish — exactly like how a little girl would of reacted to a surprise. It was cute.

Eventually, our lifestyles and friends we associated with began to creep up and overtake our lives. I’m partially to blame for the mess, but we both knew we shouldn’t have sneaked off together that one day. It was exciting and I couldn’t have cared less if anyone found out. But he did and that was soon the turning point. Chaos.

We went a few weeks before we ran into each other just outside 7-Eleven. You were walking your dog — fuck I miss that little bitch. I was surprised and we caught up. You didn’t want to be seen with me so we rendezvoused at my place on Sabado. You told me you were looking to run again and this time to Nor Cal. It made me sad, but I knew it was for the best. Isla Vista is fucked up, but you didn’t need me to tell you that.


All your belongings were stolen just a day or two before you were going to leave. But that was to be expected when you lived with druggies. You cried a ton and I did whatever I could to make it stop. You broke down in front of me and revealed just how sad you were deep inside. How your mother was a drug abuser, how your sister died recently, how you wanted to escape, and just end it all. It’s unsettling to hear someone tell you how they want to drive their car off a bridge. It all made sense. You poor thing. I gave you all the money I had in my pocket — a few hundred at least and said to just go — leave now and not later.

So you did. The next day came and you arrived at my door to say one last good bye. I gave you a letter I wrote the night before and my other phone number that no one else knew about. Don’t give up it said. Life may be far from perfect, but that doesn’t mean all hope is lost. One long hug and a quick kiss later, you drove off from my apartment and that was the last I ever saw you.

We’re all running baby. Some faster than others. You walked fire with me and got burned. I sincerely hope you’re doing better now.

Later world.

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