I’ll never understand what you saw in me that year. I was far from charming or filled with confidence — sad even. I always let you take the lead and make plans. I was there for the ride, but I loved every minute of it. I fell for you and the city we explored — suppose that’s why I’m so fond of it til this day. You didn’t love me for what I had and what I bought. You looked passed my arrogance, my problems, and gave me a chance. Some days I wonder what if we met now and not earlier — if we would of worked out and found happiness together.

Had I been who I am now, you probably would of fallen for me — head over heels as some would call it. You took a piece of my heart, never gave it back, and I still wonder where you are. Memories fade and time is best not spent to dwell on my thoughts. All I do is dream and reminisce.

It was only fitting one day you would of have a change of heart. It’s a common theme with life, relationships, and myself. One day you’re gaga for someone and crazy for them and the next day you’re not. I don’t think we fell out of love. Just the timing wasn’t there and we had a lot going on behind the scenes. Part of me thinks if we met again, I could sweep you off your feet and continue where we left off. A guy can dream.

Cheers to love. Toast to sorrow. If there’s a heartbeat, go on living.


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