T-Minus +12 Hours

In a little over 12 hours, I’ll be taking an Uber in the morning to Pasadena to get my eyes lasered. I arguably have the best guy in town to do the procedure and it should be a bit comforting knowing my eyes are in good hands.

I’ve worn glasses since the 8th grade and tomorrow it ends. Come to think of it, all my hopes and dreams seem to be a reality. I suppose I have my ambition to thank for that. There’s no limit to what I can achieve when I’m fixated on my goals. Never stop chasing. Eventually, you will catch up.

Cost for 20/20 vision: $5500 fucking dollars. Thank God for 0% financing. I don’t think too many millennials can say to themselves, “Yeah, I can afford that.” I’m really fortunate I can do this all by myself without any help and should never forget that. Stay humble.

Later world.

P.S. this will either make me more confident and/or a bigger fucking asshole. Sorry, not sorry.

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