Beauty in Death

There’s something quite beautiful in seeing death. For the all the greivences it brings to you and your loved ones, it stops and make you think of them even more. Days of happier more blissful times that have long gone. Those times of being young and care-free with you and them — perhaps with an ice cream in one hand while the other holds there’s. You value those fading memories more and you try to keep them for as long as your mind will remember. It’s the connection that remains of you and them. Something so personal and intimate you couldn’t bare the thought of forgetting. Two lives sharing the same moment in time is what makes living special — a relationship.

Unfortunately, death always has two stories to tell. The guilt it brings and the what-ifs of one too many. We’ve all done this. It’s the nature of living. We wished we could of made more time for them when they were alive — that we listened more intently and held on just a little longer. Every goodbye never felt like it would be the last, but that’s the thing about death — it’s strikes when we least suspect it, tormenting and playing with our emotions. The pain it brings lasts forever and the memories too. We fixate on the past for the comfort it brings, yet we fear the future due to the uncertainty of the next stop. All tears dry up eventually.

There’s comfort in knowing that someone is up above inside the pearly gates of heaven — looking down at you. If you’re one to have spent a lifetime with them, you’ll find solace knowing they’re there waiting. Death separated you from your loved ones, but it reunites you when it’s your turn.

We all need to live now and not later. The future is always uncertain, but it shouldn’t stop you from the present. Past, present, and future are just that — a training coming and going.

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