Just the Sweetest

Today was kinda shitty, but that’s okay. It’s not everyday you wake up to a parking ticket and had terrible insomnia the night before. I’m out $58 and a nights sleep — so be it. Word of advice: downing NyQuil does not help with sleeping whatsoever. I managed to get my shit together and haul my ass to work. I should be optimistic. I am basically my own boss.

I’m not sure how but my coworker instantly knew something was off about me. I guess I’m terrible about hiding it. I explained to her my day and she tells me to cheer up.

Your hair gives it away. I know you’re in a bad mood because it looks like you half-assed it.

Damn. She reads me like a book. Fun fact: I won a best hair award trophy in college. People actually voted for me and my hair. Life can be quite marvelous at times considering everyone was sober. My coworker spends the better part of the entire morning cracking jokes, being wierd and witty, quoting Austin Powers, and a whole bunch of other whimsical nonsense trying to make me feel better.

Isn’t she just the sweetest thing. We need more people like her. We’ve gotten so close, I’ve come accustomed to calling her “darling” and “my dear”. I see her as like a sister more than anything. She’s picked up on a lot of my subtle nuances. Quite amazing for someone I’m not romantically involved with.

Later world.

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