Everyone Likes Surprises

I’m terribly mean to my co-worker, Izzy. She’s probably the only person I know that can put up with my bullshit and backhanded comments. My excuse is, “I’m only mean to people I like”. She usually responds with a quick “Fuck you”.

Assholes get places, but thats a terrible excuse. I know. She’s been going on and on the past few weeks saying how today as going to be her birthday and she turns 28.

So what does arguably the meanest most savage guy at the office do? Buy her a birthday gift of course. One trip to Old Town and Sephora later, I walked out with a black and white striped gift bag.

Today, she walks in to the office, sees my gift and let’s out the biggest “awwww, did you really” I’ve heard all year. Priceless. And for what, a measly $25 dollars spent.

She was surprised a guy would even step foot into a Sephora alone. Apparently that’s not a thing?

Later world.

Don’t Go On Searching

April 28, 2015 at 1004PM

Sharpie on paint over wood – Unknown artist (April 28, 2015)

I don’t go looking for love. It’s not that I don’t want it. It’s that eventually in your search, you do find some one. Only that some one isn’t really what you’re looking for. That’s the thing about finding companionship. You overlook too many of the obvious flaws and you put yourself down a path of heartbreak and sadness. Don’t fall in love too quickly for the wrong reasons. Let whoever it may be come to you naturally through forces explainable and unknown. We’re all interconnected one way or another on this rock. Why force it? In the end, we’re all born in this world loved and we will all die being loved.

Later world.

Finding Inner Peace

On Saturday of last week, I tried DMT — a strong psychedelic that occurs naturally in humans and is the main component in ayahuasca. Moments before the first puff, my friend assured me that I was in a safe place and in good hands in case I had a less than desirable reaction. He lit the lighter, placed it over the pipe and a few puffs later I saw what best can be described as the most vibrant array of colors imaginable. Think of those kaleidoscopes we use to play with as kids only magnified and much more intense. I remember briefly opening my eyes and my hands were unrecognizable — like they were someone elses.

I laid back on the chair and I found myself in a maze much like the ones you find in a M.C. Escher painting where there was seemingly no exit. Everything was full of color and of many vibrant hues. I was looking for something, but before I knew what, I was lifted into the cosmos — outside space. It was just me and no one else afloat in zero gravity. I felt suddenly connect to the world and more spiritually than I have in years past. Truly a feeling of enlightenment and levelheadedness I wanted all my life.

I never felt a sense of anxiety or fear in those moments up above. Just before I could fully grasp the magic happening around me, I opened my eyes and found myself back in reality or whatever we can call this life of existence. Everyone asked me how I felt and my only words were “bliss and enlightenment”. I loved those moments being teleported into another realm and that feeling of connectedness.

I use to fear psychedelics for what terrors in my head stayed locked in, but not anymore. People I betrayed, people I missed — both living and dead, I don’t feel anxiety for my past any longer. I’m truly at peace with myself and the world I’ve been fighting back against my whole life. Come at me. I’ve never been more ready to live.

Later world.


I don’t consider myself the best with money, but my friends and co-workers think otherwise. Last year, I re-invested solely into digital assets — also known as cryptocurrency. A large majority of news outlets report usually on bitcoin — considered the de-facto leader and “digital gold” by some. I sold all my holdings in stocks and bought the equivalent to digital silver at an easy to swallow $50 a coin. I got my feet wet in July 2017 when the market had momentum, but relative steady volumes. We all know what happened in December — the crazy bull run saw my coin reach almost $400 a coin — an unbelievable 8x increase.

This isn’t some rags to riches story because I cashed out in October — just 2 months shy of the magical $400 mark. Fuck me right? Bitcoin at the same time frame went from $2000 a coin to $20,000. I’m still kicking myself everyday for not making that buy order in July, but that’s hindsight for you.


Currently, bitcoin is going steady at $6,500 a coin and has been for the past few months. My current holdings is split 90/10. I think my friends consider it crazy I’m so heavily invested in an unregulated and speculative market where scams and hacks run rampant. Considering I only have 10% of my assets in standing cash in an IRA and the other 90% in crypto, I’m hedging my bets the next bull run is somewhere in November. Most industry analysts place it squarely in the November-December time frame and my God, I hope they’re right.

I have a good track record, but this game has been a second job to me all year. Let’s hope I walk away with $20,000 and then some.

Later world.