Loving Now vs. Later

Love can be quite fickle. It comes and goes like the changing tides or the passing moon. We long for it and to feel its’ warm embrace. It’s an indescribable feeling that words can’t fully comprehend no matter how much you think of it. It’s addicting and as vulnerable as an open wound. That’s the beauty in it all. We knowingly let ourselves have vulnerability to be fully in love.

To love when you’re young is easy. It swiftly overtakes your mind body and soul. The feeling of butterflies inside comes to mind. It locks you in tightly and controls your actions. Your mind dwells on past, present, and future with her — together. Roses are red and violets are blue. Because it’s new and you’re young, you hope the feeling lasts forever — an eternity even. You carve your name and hers inside a heart at your favorite tree. The tree gets taller every year and the leaves wither and fall, yet your names stand the test of time.

Young love is the kind books and poems are written from. It’s as pure and innocent as any raw emotion can be. We’re too naive to see the coming end. It never lasts no matter how much we wanted it to be — to be the one. We’ve all wanted the first love to be it.

But we get older and some years slower than others. It’s not just the 2nd or 3rd love now. We give love more time and effort because we’ve felt the sting vulnerability brings. The pain of having it all fall apart when we desperately wanted it. Proceed with caution. It’s not overwhelming you — not for some years. Loving now requires true commitment. It’s not as simple as two people who happen to like each other. Lives are intersecting and meeting at the path in the forest. You can’t love for selfish reasons anymore. To love now is to let go of what you want so she can have what she wants.

Later world.

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