This Is a Curve Ball

I’ve awoken for almost 2 weeks at around 3 AM. Work fucking sucks right now and it’s a good sign for the company. If you time traveled 3 weeks back, sales were slow. No more than one or two units sold a day. Sam, my boss, had been complaining all month how our New Jersey office is doing better and in higher volume.

Well, not anymore motherfucker.

In 3 weeks, we pulled in approximately $90,000. Yeah. That’s a very nice number considering I said I promised to do just shy of $20,000 a week. This sharp increase is killing us. Not literally, but work volume has risen dramatically. Your cliche line graph used in office meetings would start off nearly horizontal with a 1-2 degree incline up until July. Boom. Straight vertical growth.

I can only assume the warehouse workers absolutely despise me.

The idea with marketing is always one question, “How do we maintain this?” Meaning, how are we going to keep this up all year? That’s my job and frankly, I have too much on my plate. A simple list I titled “shit I have to get done” has grown from 5 items to around 11. Fucking eleven. My favorites include:

  • New cost to keep this place running: $50,000 a month (minus misc. expenses)
  • Moving mid August to bigger warehouse
  • Trade show in DTLA mid August (mandatory)
  • Setup for 3 big box retailers

This shit is going to take a lot of time and there’s only 8 hours in a work day. Maybe I have to do overtime but I rather not drive myself into the ground.

I planned on moving out too, but with all this chaos, I dropped that idea. It’s disappointing. Not every plan plays out the way you want to. Who wouldn’t want their own place and live comfortably? Fun fact: Pasadena has some of the most restrictive rental requirements in all of SGV.

  • Must make 3 times the monthly rent
  • Must have 3 months of paystubs
  • Must have 3 months of bank statements
  • $30 application fee and background check
  • Signed employment verification

Blah blah blah. This can literally make you lose your mind. I’m just going to suck it up and get work sorted out before any major life changes are planned. Once we have some normalcy at the office then I’ll be swiftly out the door and one step closer another goal.

Later world. I hate work, but I’m a drama king. Just sometimes.

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