Anthony, Where Are Thou?

Of my three best friends, just one is married and moved out — Anthony. I’ve known him just as long as everyone else and he’s even the reason why I know the guys. He’s matured a great deal over the years and it’s impressive to say the least. That man got his shit together and it shows.

He’s the biggest jokester of the group, so much so that we all tend to have a hard time taking anything he says seriously. It’s the comedic relief any group of friends needs to have a good time. We’ve never had many deep heart to heart talks for that reason — until last night.

Color me surprised.

Behind the scruffed up beard, hair just inches away from resembling a Jewish fro, and onslaught of pop culture references lies someone who can provide deep insight. Insight on relationships, fears, love, and life goals. He knew the moment he knew he loved Mayra, what he hopes to have in the future, kids, a family, and a 3 bedroom house. It’s shocking the clarity he possessed when discussing everything.

It seems we’ve all been wrong about him. He’s a man who doesn’t take things too seriously, but doesn’t lose sight of what he wants and wants to be.

Maybe we should all be a bit more like him.

Later world.

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