To Be Thoughtful

July 14, 2018 — I had the most wonderfully and incredibly delightful date with a certain lady I met visiting SB. She’s quite something else and that is a huge understatement. She’s kind, vastly knowledgeable about everything, and has a few tricks up her sleeve to keep me on my toes. I could listen to her talk and go off on random tangents and topics all day.

This day was date number two. I planned on taking her to a fancy and romantic Mediterranean restaurant — much to the dismay of my male counterparts. But fuck them — it’s about what I want after all. I made reservations in advance and requested to sit outside at the patio. This place is on the 2nd floor and has great views while dining outside. I fucking love that. Ambiance is important.

As fate would have it, the same day, she was elated to hear she gotten the job she wanted and at the Cheesecake Factory. Right when I heard the good news, I called the restaurant to ask for a special request — do something special knowing it’s a good day for her. They couldn’t promise anything, but would try.

Fast forward to the evening, we’re eating at the restaurant, chatting away for what felt like a couple hours. Multiple couples sitting next to our table have gone and left — four to be exact. The waiter comes out with a piece of chocolate cake and a lit candle. He asks me, “What’s the occasion?”

“She got the job she wanted.”

I could see the happiness overwhelming her body, the tears building up in her eye, the surprised look on her face. She was absolutely delighted.

She makes a wish and out goes the candle. I’m happy. She’s happy. That’s when I knew this night was going to be just perfect and all my meticulous planning and reading paid off. It’s so satisfying to see someone that happy.

Later world. Life is great and it will only get better.

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