Past Future

If you could see into the future, would you do it? I think part of the marvel of living is being reminded of the unknown. It’s the dread of reality — to want the answers and reassurance, but never having it until tomorrow.

Look into the future and you may see your future love, the children you have, the house you buy, and the sadness that will eventually transpire. Would you want to find out now? Would knowing now make those happy moments in life less significant? Would it soften the blow of death and loss?

There are two constants — or at least now for the time being as someone in their late 20s. The sun rises and sets and there’s always tomorrow.

Quite frankly, that’s all I need or want to know about tomorrow and the future. I love the unknown. It’s the fuel that drives discovery. It’s the fire that lights the darkness. Every cave has stones unturned and passages not yet found, but that’s the beauty of it, walking through and wanting to explore.

Later world.

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