Dentists and a Name For Myself

I have a dentist appointment tomorrow morning. Normally, I would dread at the thought of having someone poke around in my mouth and inflicting an immense amount of discomfort, but not today. I bought (expensive) dental insurance a couple months back and I’m kinda excited to finally have, who is arguably the best guy in town, to fix my teeth. Growing up poor sucks. You eat like shit and drink sugary sodas to find enjoyment in the mundane.

This jobs has afforded me the ability to fix my smile, enroll in a gym membership, subscription boxes, possibly move out by the end of the year, fix my BMW, I could go on. Being on salary with commission is pretty sweet. I feel fortunate and blessed.

If I can make a name for myself, I can solidify my place in the world. Maybe I can help this company make millions? No, I know so. Sure, there are more than a few roadblocks in the way, but nothing I can’t handle. I want the life I always dreamed of and admired from afar. My boss and I talk real estate every now and again and he even said this himself: If I can make this place big, he’ll make sure I can buy a condo sooner than later. He believes in me and that’s so comforting and reassuring to know someone has faith in my abilities.

I’m close and I can almost touch it.

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