Death, Motivation, and Fear

Currently, there are very few things I fear. Fear nothing, because the wonders of reality make the unknown worth exploring. If I had two environments to spend an eternity on: the forest or the beach, I much rather have the forest. There would be infinity more places to explore and wander. Paradise is overrated — or so I am told.

Everyday, I wake up and tell myself one thing: time is short. We expire and it’s a matter of when.  Its the reality of living — that alone should be motivation to do more, love longer, and have the urgency for self-fulfillment now rather than later. But we are flawed humans, every last one of us. My friends spend their time on petty vices and low brow activities. Video games, smoking, lounging around all fucking day… its disgusting. It’s the plague of modern society. If everyone was reminded of their mortality, I’m inclined to believe their sorry state of affairs wouldn’t be as severe. Perhaps they would get off their fat ass and actually become something.

am·bi·tion – a strong desire to do or to achieve something, typically requiring determination and hard work.

Rant starts in 3… 2… 1…

What irks me is when someone (or better a group) who obviously has no planning ability tells me my idea of a plan is somehow a terrible idea. The other day, I let in with my friends my plans for a romantic dinner with the lady. There’s a fair bit of planning, reading, and general thoughtfulness involved I think for such a date. Would she be free? Does she like the food? Does she like fancy dinners? Believe it or not, not every woman likes the fancy shit (for some fucking reason).

My entire conversation with them boils down to this: fancy dinners are overrated. Not true. In fact, I wouldn’t expect them to understand the level of thoughtfulness needed to plan such a date. Even with your closest friends, you can’t always depend on them to support you.

“They will fail you.” – Professor Richards


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