To Like Someone Back

There’s a girl I know. I used to like her. And this was about 2 years ago. Quite remarkable if I think about it. I was extremely wreckless at the time with an attitude that most people could not stand. But at last, as fate would have it, we met.

I’ll never forget that night. She recalls it differently, but I sat down next to her after 4 or 5 too many. This was a Halloween party but I dressed dapper. It’s easy. Small talk ensured and the next thing I noticed, she’s feeding me Skittles. Just like that, I was sold. Perhaps it was more the beer and alcohol influencing me, but I had to have her number.

Surprise surprise. I got it. We setup a day to “hangout” and it was an absolute disaster. She hated the food, had nothing interesting to say, lacked similar interests, and just wasn’t who I was looking for.

Fast forward to 2018. I’m walking at the park with Julian. I got a notification. It’s her again. Just randomly and out of the blue. Something is not right, but I reply and stir up a chat. We chat some more over the next few days. I even get her number again. I had “lost” it after all this time.

Our schedules align and I figured “what’s the worst that can happen if we meet again?”

Big terrible mistake.

I find out she has just been out of a relationship and with someone much much older. Bordering on Dr. Phil territory. We talk and chat, but the day closes with her in tears. Spontaneously crying and breaking down.

“Don’t you think I’m pretty and attractive?”

I reply with a yes, but we can only ever be friends. I don’t like you, I told her. And not for a very long time.

Some people would take this chance to be with someone just for the sake of being with someone. I for one am not one of those men. I could never be. For me and this girl, we had our chance and it wasn’t meant to be. It wasn’t meant to be then and wouldn’t be now. I don’t think it’s remotely right to lead someone on if you can’t genuinely reciprocate the same feelings back.

For that would be lying and deception in all its many forms. The truth hit her and hard at that, but I rather she knows now than to keep hoping much later on.

Summer is getting interesting ain’t it?

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