Shared Happiness and Somber Days

My brother and best friend Garza graduated today from UC Santa Barbara. It was 9 years in the making and I’m so delighted and elated to see him mark this chapter of his life done. We’re brothers til the end and to see him walk across the same stage that I did 3 years earlier makes me emotional.

I like to think I had a major role in him chosing my school and with the same major. He may never admit it, but for today, I’ll be just a little immodest. I love this guy as much as he was family and I felt every bit of emotion flowing through him as we hugged for the first time today.

As I watched everyone eating at Pizza My Heart, I could not help but remember how good I had it here. How I was untouchable, invincible in some respects. I had a solid group of friends whom I saw regularly, partied with, went clubbing together, and shared nights fully intoxicated beyond exception.

Those days are long gone, yet they still are vivid as the day it happened many nights ago. As terrible as some of my behavior was, or the activities I did, SB changed me forever. Perhaps it was the downfall of me as well. And I’m only now realizing the error in my ways. Who knows.

All I know is I miss every minute and everyone who was apart of my two years at SB. May they all stay apart of my life as happier and more blissfully ignorant days as college life.

Say it ain’t so.

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