Mid Year Recap: 3 Years Since Graduating

As optimistic I was and my professors were of my future success post graduation, saying things haven’t gone exactly as planned is putting it mildly. The post college graduate life sucks and here’s why.

Bad: Depression

I partied a lot and with like-minded friends who came from all over the country. We bonded closely purely due to the nature of our proximity to each other. I couldn’t go a day without bumping into someone and having to stop and chat along the way to campus. Now that I’m back in San Gabriel, it’s all gone away. Poof. Naturally, this made me a little sad, but I suppose I still am. I’m without them and that just fucking sucks. A lot. And all the time.

Bad: Bye Bye Mr. Nice Guy

I would argue I stopped being a “nice guy” towards my last year at PCC. What do I mean by that? I stopped taking everyone’s bullshit and started standing up for myself. I became extremely outspoken, often to the point of running my mouth in front of everyone. My long time anxiety towards socializing with people disappeared and forever vanished. I bought nice designer clothing with whatever money I had made and even borrowed more than I could realistically afford to payback without insane fees. But I loved it. I loved the look, the style, the attitude that carried with it… it is addicting being the person you wanted to be. This was the new hobby and still is to this day.

“It’s modern day body armor.” — Charlie Allen (referring to mens suits)

What became of the new me? After one failed relationship that merely lasted a month, I met another girl my last year at community college and at my favorite place at the time, Starbucks. I was dressed to the nines in a suit having just delivered a presentation in front the class and knowing well this class was aced. I’ll never forget that day. I headed to Starbucks, got myself a venti mocha frap, and while waiting for my name to be called, I spotted my jerk-of-a-friend Jackie. Jackie, in all respects was a pessimistic and often Debbie-downer who had a dark outlook on the world, his life, and his future prospects. I fucking hate people like him with a passion. Fuck you Jackie.

I got my drink. Casually walked over to Jackie who was talking to my future girl friend, Lia as she was named. I could just see how uninterested she was having sit with him at the same table. This was were I stepped in or sat in, more accurately. I grabbed a random chair and sat right in between Lia and Jackie. I let Jackie ramble on about whatever he was waking about that day while I introduced myself and made small talk with Lia.

“Let’s get out of here. Jackie isn’t the type of guy you wanna talk to anyway.” — Me





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