Growing old and apart

My best friend Garza graduates next week. For the record, we finished high school in 2009. It’s been a long journey for him and I’m thankful to have seen him progress immensely. ELAC, Art Institute, PCC… Seems like he was everywhere all these years and had a handful of odd jobs. I’ve never been happier for him until this moment.

Not too long ago, our interests were very much alike and our hobbies aligned. From video games, shitty B comedy movies and a general desire to fuck shit up in Alhambra. We did it all side-by-side. We laughed, got in trouble, and were seemingly inseparable.

Even with that period where Julian and I had a falling out and could not stand the sight of each other, we moved forward and maintained our friendship stemming from the odd few who ride the bus together. I’ve grew to see them not just as friends but as brothers where I can confide my deepest darkest thoughts to.

Even as my own relationship with my family began to deteriorate, theirs embraced me and even when I was initially the trouble maker. I love their moms more than I can my own and I only have the deepest words of affection for their care towards me.

Garza graduates in one week. He is not staying in Alhambra. As a matter of fact, neither will I towards the end of this year. I can only hope and wish our friendship stays strong and we can have time to meet. We’re getting older and more apart and that’s the truth. Bit that’s the beauty of life I suppose. We all have to move forward with our goals and do what’s best for ourselves and can’t be tied down to the past. Nostalgia and memories long gone, we can only reminisce about the old days.

I’ll be sad when we’re all apart. Even so, it’s a strong reminder just how much I care for them and the strong brotherhood I thankful to be apart of.

2018. We got old. Grew apart. And moved forward.

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