Sobering Reminders: Career in Sight

June 7, 2018 // mood: indifferent, but restless

Earlier the year, I swore off alcohol and soda, and til this day — about 6 months later — I’m keeping my new years resolution. The no soda part was just on whim, but the drinking was more serious. Maybe more than just health reasons. What amounted to a daily occurrence of bottles clacking now seems foreign to me. Amazingly, the few times I’ve been in a bar and surrounded by drinkers, I’ve managed to resist their attempts to occupy my hand with a beer and other illicit activities. I think my friends have been pleasantly shocked I’ve kept it up this long. Ironically, I opened bottles for a few people with a mini bottle opener on my key chain. I can thank Garza for that — better yet — it’s just another reminded how far I’ve come.

Paraphrasing Bert Cooper from Mad Men, “Stop smoking (Or was it drinking?) so much. It’s a sign of weakness.” In that regard, I suppose I’ve succeeded.

Almost 2 months ago, I started what maybe my future career at a newly opened company in Industry. Everyone is surprisingly nice and pleasant to be around and gives me 100% authority to do my job my way. Having a few hundred business cards printed with my directorial title and name cemented my career prospects for the future. The sales guy sticks out in my head usually as he is the guy who is so egregiously open his troubled past with the law.

A few stories I’ve heard so far:

  • that time he had crack in his mouth – Hiding it in a pocket? Get real.
  • gun to his head – As if the notion of a guy pointed in your direction wasn’t bad enough.
  • P.I.M.P. – Pimping at 18 might give Snoop Dogg a run for his money
  • [insert name for narcotics] – Yeah, he’s done it. Guaranteed.

Just today we all got word the receptionist was arrested and detained. I have plenty of questions, but hopefully the boss can find some level of understanding and forgiveness for her. Shit happens, am I right?

1:01 — I ponder past days long since gone,

now only faded and only a glimmer of what once was,

where did all the time go?

gone are the many hellos and hugs

long, short and lingering

that touch that once was,

the feeling of being held

tightly and embraced

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