Big Plans for 2017

I’ll be 26 this year.

It’s a terrifying thought. While I’ll have a nice job lined up, the time I have to get down my career path and settle in to independence is diminishing. Far too often I see people get married to early without a solid plan for their future lives. This is a common theme:

  • we been together for X years
  • early to mid 20s
  • low paying job
  • no career
  • lives with parents

Oh! Lets get married! Why? How? Seriously.

I like having money.

Call it shallow but it makes everything easier. Besides the obvious ability to buy whatever you want, the freedom it brings is absolutely needed as the economy is going down the drain.

My plans this year are:

  1. Get my foot in the door
  2. Make the final payment for my car
  3. Buy a new car (the one I actually want)
  4. Move out (I hate my parents)
  5. Stop drinking

I realized I’m at the threshold of either developing a healthy lifestyle or one that will lead my already somewhat tired body to my demise. I haven’t smoked a cigarette since last October. I feel beyond great. Drinking will have to stop. It’s a sign of weakness. High blood pressure is after all, a silent killer.

My parents want me to find a nice girl and get married already. Their not so subtle reminders are annoying. I like having money. I’m shallow.

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