Finding Meaning in the Meaningless

After much time to myself to dwell on my thoughts, I have concluded we as humans have no purpose here on Earth. To distill my conclusion: Life has only what you make of it. As someone who has pondered the question, “what is my purpose” for several years, I can reasonably assume we no have predetermined purpose that answers all of life’s nagging questions.

Biologically, I can assume we we’re made to procreate and have children to further the human race. This would be the most primitive example conclusion I can draw from biology and the most common purpose seen with other mammals. But unlike other mammals, we have higher level consciousness other animals are not aware off.

We are one of the few species aware of life ending and with that comes a greater number of questions to ponder. Being that the universe is mostly a cosmic cavern of random collisions, eruptions, and chance encounters with the cosmic forces that comprise the great vacuum, we are merely organisms who evolved with higher level consciousness and thinking which comprise an innate desire to make sense of this chaos.

Looking at the man-made created religions that has encompassed a majority of the human population, it offers a alluring resolution and straightforward solution to the great question, “what is our purpose?” This proposition to many people offers an attractive solution to an extremely uncertain question that would otherwise lead to a great deal of cognitive dissonance to the non-devine.

Looking to religion to find the answer is bullshit. Presently Christianity is the worlds most followed religion, but regarding it as the most correct or “accepted” religion is a falsehood of our narrow mindedness. Who is to say the Greeks believing in Zeus is the stuff of fables and imagination when their level of expertise of mathematics, astrology and medicine predates our modern expertise? If we were born in the ancient times of the Greeks we would just be as likely to believe in Zeus.

My pet peeve with religions that involve the return of their messiah is it diminishes the efforts and accomplishments of the follower and places it in the hands of the devine — the one they blindly follow, Why should Jesus or the Lord have the credit for the successes and accomplishments in life when the hard work and perseverance is a direct result of the individual?

Life is whatever you make of it. Those who experiences existential terror should not feel fear or anxiety. Life has unlimited possibilities and it’s ultimately in our hands. The only certainly is I exist because I can think. We must find our out meaning and fulfilled a sense of purpose. We know we are note made to be immortal on this world. This therefore is the diving force for us to want to seek fulfillment and purpose in the time we do have. Wether it’s the accumulation of wealth or a family, everything is in our hands.

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