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I quit my job

After much deliberation, I quit my job at A–Y. For the purposes of online secrecy, I’ll leave out the company name. I always try to leave on good terms and it certainly feels that way (hopefully). Spending most of my more recent weeks leading up to today sitting around training new hires and not feeling welcomed from management made giving the bad news to my all-too-wonderful co-workers that much easier. I started over a year ago as Spongebob and grew to become Squidward.

Things I won’t miss:

  • terribly long drive to Rancho Cuca-BONGO (at least an hour each way)
  • incredibly lazy and sleepy co-workers (I still don’t know the name of the guy across from me…)
  • terrible terrible management (and when I mean management, I mean one guy)

My opinion of my boss although is pretty high. He was far too kind, understanding, and had my best interest in mind. He personally told me to resign and I was better off elsewhere with the series of cascading issues this company is dealing with.

The real kicker is I have to go back tomorrow to pick up my check and sign exit paperwork. Why this wasn’t mentioned to me during my hour meeting is beyond me. Guess it’s really for the better.

So long and farewell. I always did feel like the odd one out at the office. Boo-hoo.

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